New Golf Academy and Golf Course Changes at Hösel Golf Club near Dusseldorf, Germany

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Simon Gidman, Golf Course Architects have just completed a new 18th green, 1st tee and academy facilities at the Hösel Golf Club near Dusseldorf, Germany.
Hösel Golf Club

Whilst the golf course is only some 15 years old initial planning objections restricting clearance of trees in a nearby orchard forced the 18th green and driving range some distance from the clubhouse.

However the local authorities recently accepted the revised location of the 18th green, and a new tee, fairway bunkers, 18th green and academy facilities, constructed by Josef Pötter was eventually opened in mid summer 2009.

For more information on Hösel Golf Club please visit www.golfclubhoesel.de and for Simon Gidman, Golf Course Architects, see website www.gidmangolf.co.uk

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