The iDry Waterproof Mobile Phone Case is a great golf accessory from The Sports HQ

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There's nothing worse than destroying an expensive iPhone with water or sand.  

But thanks to the great new iDry Waterproof Case, exclusively available from www.thesportshq.com., your iPhone can perform danger-free even in the trickiest of situations. 

The iDry is the must-have case for anyone who wants to enjoy their iPhone at the beach, around the pool, on a boat, while fishing or walking - in fact anywhere where the risk of splashing, submersion or sand would stop you using it!

It takes less than 10 seconds to fit an iPhone into the iDry and once it's in, you retain complete control to take and make calls, text, listen to music over the loudspeaker, take photos and use your favourite apps. 

When fully submerged, it has a completely watertight seal to a depth of five metres and if you put music on before submerging, the music will continue to play even when fully underwater.  

Because of the pressure of the water on the screen, you won't be able to press any buttons whilst the phone is fully submerged. But as soon as it's out of the water, even when dripping wet, full functionality returns.  

This essential case is perfect for any holiday or trip, or those who lead an active outdoors lifestyle.

It comes with a convenient and detachable neck strap and is easy to clean, lightweight and strong.  

iDry has been designed to work with the iPhone 3G and 3GS models, although any smaller phone will also fit. Priced just £9.99, iDry is available online at www.thesportshq.com.  

Based in the West Midlands, the SportsHQ is one of the UK's leading e-tailers, offering a massive range of sports, outdoors and lifestyle products at factory-direct prices. 

Simon Millington, CEO, says: "We source our products from all over the world in huge quantities and by selling direct to the end user we are able to pass on massive savings by cutting out the often high profit margins of importers, wholesalers and retailers. 

"Our goal is to provide consumers with great quality sports and outdoors equipment at factory-direct prices, backed up by fast delivery and excellent online customer service."

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